2009.07.26 WebCamera Plus v2.1.1 Released

New Version is out Interface of new version

WebCamera Plus 2.1.1 realised. You can read information about all features here. Leave comment about bugs, compatibility and any problems on our forum and wiki.

What's new?
- FTP-camera feature.
- Seven language added.
- Registration improved.
- Bugs fixed.

You can download new version here.
See more screenshots here.

In a next few weeks we will introduce manual for new version and especially for new FTP-Camera feature.

Ateksoft team.

2009.07.13 Ateksoft Team now on Twitter.com!

Ateksoft on Twitter

Now we on Twitter too. Soon we will introduce for you our new version of WebCamera Plus (version 2.1) for Windows Mobile. On Twitter you can know about stages of developing, marketing, about problems, crisis and about our life.

Tnx, Enjoy!

2008.09.28 [interesting] WebCamera Plus 2.0 in action (on French)

One of the users of our applications (you can view his great blog here) showing how WebCamera Plus 2.0 is working with his device.
2007.12.17 WebCamera Plus v2.0 Released

Now WebCamera Plus can capture audio.
More details see in the table below:

Features version 1.051 version 2.0
Audio Capture
Video Capture
Share stream between several
programs simultaneously
Wireless Microphone

Now you can use "WebCamera Plus Audio" microphone in Skype (v3.5 and higher), Windows Live Messager, Virtual Dub, Windows Movie Maker and etc.

WebCamera 2.0 Audio Settings in Skype
WebCamera Plus 2.0 Audio Settings in Skype 3.5

- Some new Windows Mobile 6.0 devices supported.

You can download new version here (537 KB).

2006.8.10 CoolCamera now supports noise reduction

You can improve picture quality in Interval Mode for static scenes.
At the right you can see fragment of the usual image, at the left fragment with noise reduction.

Noise Reduction effect

More information and examples see here.

About WebCamera Plus

Use your PDA/Smartphone as webcam with unique application - WebCamera Plus!

Ateksoft WebCamera Plus key features:

- Transforms your PDA or Smartphone to high-resolution web-camera.
- Can work through any connection: USB ActiveSync, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS, 3G, LAN.
- Compatible with almost all modern Smartphones and PDAs.
- Use WebCamera Plus microphone in Skype, Windows Live Messager and other programs!
- Can be used as web-camera in many programs: Skype, MSN Messager, Yahoo Messager, Virtual Dub and many others.
- Look here for details...

About CoolCamera

Ateksoft CoolCamera - the best program to take pictures and video on PDA-phones like I-mate JAM, MDA Compact, QTEK S100/S110, O2 XDA mini, Orange SPV M500, Dopod 818, O2 Xda IIi, Dopod 699, I-Mate PDA2, Qtek 2020i and Smartphones Qtek 8300, Qtek 8310, I-mate SP5, I-mate SP5m.

Ateksoft CoolCamera key features:

- High frame rate (up to 25 fps) and smooth video. Efficient encoding algorithm maximally utilizes your XScale processor!
- Easy camera control. All actions can be performed using hardware buttons only.
- Motion Detection and Noise Reduction features.
- Look here for details...